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A Stylish Groom: on a Budget.

In the world of Pinterest and wedding blogs I was consumed with the idea of a dapper groom. I mean, what bride-to-be hasn’t swooned over the thousands of picture perfect grooms floating around the inter-web? We were planning our wedding on a small budget but I couldn’t settle when it came to the look of my groom. The suit wasn’t something I started planning until a couple months before the big day. I knew the look I wanted but I had not idea how difficult finding it would be.


Neither of us had ever shopped for a suit so we had no idea where to start. We took a trip into Men’s Warehouse to get a feel of what we were working with and to get my husband sized. The salesmen was good, I mean real good. He put my now husband in a suit that was perfect, or so we thought. My now husband fell in love with the suit, but with a $600 price tag, it cost more then my dress! Men’s Warehouse offers suit rentals so that was our next avenue. It died before it even became a real option. They offered one suit in blue, one; and it was bad.  At $200+ each suit to rent I knew there was a better option out there.


James is a bigger guy. Finding him a suit that was fashionable and not in stretch material was like pulling teeth. Can I take a moment and bitch about “big and tall” clothing?! Us plus size women think we have it tough! Our struggles do not even begin to compare. Shopping for a larger man is a frustrating and sad task. There are very little stores that carry extended sizes and when they do they are either ridiculously priced or terribly unfashionable. Anyways, JCPenney’s was our savior. If you weren’t aware, like myself, JCpenney’s has an entire suit line. Including BIG AND TALL! Praise the shopper gods.


I decided to give it a shot and buy the suit online. Now, let me break it down for you. I got James’ suit jacket, pants, shoes and belt for $215.37 with FREE shipping. Awesome, right?! I saved $308.63. Extreme couponing wedding addition. I got lucky and ordered everything while it was on-sale AND there was an online coupon. Have you looked for a nice pair of leather oxfords before? They are EXPENSIVE !

We weren’t sure how the suit was going to fit so we ordered two different styles and returned what didn’t work. James ended up looking best in the Big and Tall jacket and the Portly fit pants. JCPenney’s makes the same suit in different styles that fit slightly different, so it worked out perfectly for James’ body type.


I splurged a little for the vest. There wasn’t a size available in the suit style so I had to figure out another option. When it comes to matching blues it’s a lot more difficult then you’d think.  Too dark or too light James goes from dapper to tacky quicker then we could say I Do. If you weren’t aware Men’s Warehouse has a clearance section online. I ordered a few different styles and colors to see what went the best with the navy jacket.He ended up liking a casual style wool vest with a slight plaid pattern. It was to die for. We got the Joseph Abboud vest for $74.99, a little on the pricey side but considering it is going for $94.99 right now on their website, it was worth it. We had the vest tailored the day BEFORE the wedding. Men’s Warehouse was able to fit him and have it altered in less then 24 hours. It was a life saver. I couldn’t fathom paying more then $15 bucks for a tie. I ended up getting James’ Jones New York tie from TJ Maxx for under $10 bucks.


When it was all said and done, James looked better then I had envisioned; and for a fraction of the price. I brought to life those infamous Pinterest posts and got my dapper groom.


Here’s the whole breakdown:

  • Joseph Abboud Navy Plaid Modern Fit Vest: $74.99 Orig. $94.99
  • Stafford Travel Suit Jacket- Big and Tall: $78.75 Orig $235.00
  • Stafford Travel Suit Pants-Portly Fit: $41.24 Orig $115.00
  • Stafford Travel Wrinkle-Free Oxford Dress Shirt-Big and Tall in Cloudburst: $22.49 Orig $50.00
  • Stacy Adams Garrison Men’s Wingtip Oxfords: $52.49 Orig $90.00

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on the little details. Pinterest, Instagram, wedding blogs and so on, make it seem impossible to have a stylish budget friendly wedding. It’s not. Take some time and you can have the wedding of your dreams just like I did.