Low-Carb taco shells


First off, who doesn’t LOVE tacos? If you don’t I am sorry because you are missing out. When I went low carb I was so sad I wouldn’t be eating tacos every again. At least if I wanted to maintain my health, I wouldn’t be eating real tacos again. I recently tried the mind blowing Fat Head Pizza crust by Ditch the Carbs ( and my life has forever been changed. After seeing just how amazing the pizza crust turned out it got my wheels spinning. I couldn’t help but wonder what else this “dough” can make. I had made fried chees taco shells the night before and they were amazing but it got me thinking about fat head taco shells and this recipe was born. No one complains about tacos two nights in a row in my house so, why not.


So, these taco shells are really more like taco-bell chalupa shells but I’m totally okay with that. Before cleaning up our life and our diets, taco bell was my spot, we ate there far too often; it didn’t help that taco bell is 2 blocks up the road. So after tasting these you can say I was pretty damn excitd to have a clean and healthy alternative with just a few ingredients. These shells can be picked up and they actually hold up against the taco fillings, this is almost unheard of in the low carb world. They are crispy and light with just the right amount of flavor to them. You can’t even tell the dough is made from cheese! (I have also seen people make similar dough using goat mozzarella if you don’t use cows milk) It sounds so strange but once you try this method you will never make crusts using vegetables ever again, trust me. It took me nearly 2 years to jump on the fat head train and I am kicking myself that it’s taken this long. This recipe is simple to make and uses just a few ingredients but it does entail a few steps. All of the rolling of dough is soooo worth it. These are something you can make ahead and store and re-heat before serving. I assume they would freeze well, too but this I haven’t tried this just yet. Now that I know they are everything and then some I’ll be testing out freezer batches. Anything I can make ahead of time and freeze is a god send.

Since you are making your dough with cheese, you’ll want to work some what quickly. If you happen to walk away and come back to dough that is too firm, just warm it up for a few seconds in the microwave (or double boiler if you don’t use a microwave) you want to make sure the cheese if kneadable so you can roll out your tortillas. I made these shells around 3:30pm to shoot for the blog and used them for dinner around 10:30pm when my husband got home from work and they were just as good as hot outta the oven. My husband and I both work late, him later than I, and we don’t get to see each other much so we eat dinner when he’s off work so we can have that time together. We know it’s late but it works for us and our lifestyle and keeps us from opting for take out.


Once you try this you will want to try the pizza crust and the obsession will be alive.. I have already made a few different recipes adapted from the original crust and I only tried the crust 2 weeks ago, it’s THAT good. This recipe was husband approved, he is a picky eater so anything he enjoys, I know must be alright. If you attempt this recipe and you enjoy it, I’d love to see your creations and here your success stories!


What you’ll need: 

  • Microwave safe bowl
  • parchment paper
  • Cookie Sheet
  • Wooden spoon or spatula


  • 1 3/4th Cup Shredded mozzarella Cheese
  • 2 oz. Cream Cheese
  • 1/2 a Lime
  • Pink Salt
  • 3/4th Cup Almond Flour


Pre-heat oven to 425.  Put your mozzarella cheese and cream cheese in a microwave safe bowl and microwave  for 1 Minute. Remove the cheese from the microwave and stir. Add juice from half a lime and salt to taste and microwave for another 30 seconds or until the dough starts to come together. Add almond flour to the dough and knead until a ball is formed and all almond flour is incorporated. If dough is sticky add a little more almond flour. Rip pieces off of the dough and roll into smaller balls to form tortillas. Lay the smaller ball of dough between two pieces of parchment paper and shape into a circle. You want these to be fairly thin but not paper-thin. Place tortillas on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper, sprinkle tortillas with pink salt and a little lime juice if you’s like (it’s worth it) and pierce with a fork multiple times. Bake in oven 8-10 minutes, check around 6 minutes to check for browning. Once the tortillas start to brown take them out of the oven and flip. Make sure you let the tortillas cool a little bit before flipping, you don’t want to break them (remember you are working with cheese dough here). Flip and return to oven until golden brown. They will only take a few more minutes. You can use the tortiallas straight out of the oven and fill with your favorite taco fillings or you can let them cool and place in a bag until you’re ready to use. If they are cold place tortillas in a warm oven for a few minutes until they are pliable again. Enjoy!