It’s all about those details.

Wedding planning can be stressful. HA. Who am I kidding? Its extremely stressful! If you’re anything like I was you’re consumed in the details. Every single. one. If you aren’t, you really should be. Here’s why. When the day has come and gone you will appreciate all of the sleepless nights you had while wedding decor was running through your head. During the planning process you’ll hear that your guests won’t appreciate the details and that’s IF they even notice them. Is your wedding about your guests? Nope, it’s about you. I’m sure you want your wedding to be breathtakingly beautiful. The only way you’ll achieve that in the details!


I spent countless days, maybe even weeks scouring through Pinterst boards. I myself have a couple THOUSAND pins about weddings, it’s ridiculous i’ll admit it.  I became obsessed in the planning and design process and I am glad I did. Be prepared to read a little. This post is going to be long.  I made a lot of our decorations. I purchased a lot of items from Etsy and I spent countless hours piecing it all together until it was perfect, all while trying to save money. Have you seen the prices of wedding planners or designer? They cost more then my wedding did! I knew I had to do something differently. I really wanted to have a gorgeous wedding day and I wanted people to remember our decor. I achieved 1 of those 2 things for sure. I think our wedding was perfect, I don’t know if people will remember it but whatever. We have some AMAZING photos of the set up and I’ll cherish them forever. I will never forget the feeling of walking into the reception venue and seeing it all together. I can’t explain it. It was like a weight had been lifted all while my breath was taken away. I was so happy. After 9 months of envisioning the day it was finally here and it was so much more then I had imagined. We had a first look for our photos and before our guests arrived I snuck away to see it all together. I took a moment for myself to enjoy it before it would never be seen again (dramatic much?!). Seriously though, I thought about nothing other then our wedding for nearly a year, I spent countless hours creating; it is a feeling every bride should experience.

RitaJamesWed-964 (2)

One of the main reasons I originally decided  I didn’t want to have a wedding was because of the details. They were SO overwhelming. Picking a color scheme, making sure everything matched, picking a theme, favors, invitations, table linens, flowers, bridesmaid dresses and the list goes on and on and on….. and on….. I said “nope” we aren’t getting married. It wasn’t until 5 months after our engagement that I decided I REALLY had to have a wedding. I was actually inspired by two weddings I attended over the summer. My best friend from high school was married in June and had a gorgeous DIY rustic/disneyesque ceremony and reception, I was blown away. In July my best friend had a magical Northern Ca. wedding. I have no words great enough to describe the experience and beauty of the day. Sierra put her wedding for 50 together in 3 months or less and after helping her with her day I knew I could do it. From that moment I was obsessed.

I’m not going to get into what it took for me to pick a venue, that’ll be a post of its own. We ended up going with the Springs Preserve. Once decided on the venue the stress really started. I had the hardest time picking a color scheme. I loved the look of so many but I needed to be realistic. Believe it or not your color choices can increase the cost of your wedding! I couldn’t decide on color so I decided I wanted more neutral colors. In the end I went with blush and navy. I know, I know, it is such a popular color scheme but I think I made it unique to us. The first wedding purchase I made was my flowers. I was locked into a concept and I was able to move forward. From start to finish I was so beyond excited about my flowers and centerpieces it was what kept me going and what I built the wedding around. I highly recommend every bride does this. Pick a floral look you are going for and stick with it.


Planning the decor was so much easier after I made the floral deposit. I found my florist on Etsy, say what?! Yup, Etsy. For Sierra’s wedding we had the luxury of buying gorgeous bulk flowers from beautiful Sonoma county. In Las Vegas, that isn’t really an option. It is, just not a cost effective one. And I did not want the stress of making all of the flowers for the wedding the night before. Anyways, I was looking for a cheaper Avenue for flowers and I could not bear the thought of silk flowers. To me silk flowers just screamed tacky or cheap and I just couldn’t; I was trying to avoid the typical Vegas wedding looking. One night I was texting Sierra about floral costs and ideas while looking through Etsy and I stumbled across Sola Flowers. In case you don’t know what Sola Flowers are, they are WOOD; yes wood. They are “flowers” made from the tapioca plant. They are hand dyed and gorgeous. I got so lucky. I found Curious Floral by Samantha and messaged her instantly. I was able to get a spot in her schedule. I could write an entire post about Sam and her creations for the wedding, shes seriously that good. I sent her my inspiration and she knew exactly what I wanted. She created the centerpieces for me with just out colors and some ideas of what I was looking for. Talk about blown away. Samantha made my wedding. She dealt with my ever changing ideas and constant emails and she made my dreams come true. What girl doesn’t want a breath taking bouquet on her wedding day? I get to keep my bouquet exactly as it was, forever. Sola flowers are still a new “trend” in weddings so our wedding was unique! I spent $982 for all of the floral decor for the wedding, this included shipping. I purchased 3 bouquets, 2 boutonnieres, 2 corsages, 6 centerpieces and 2 mini boutonnieres for under a thousand dollars! Enough about flowers, I could go on and on so I’ll stop here.

I spent hours on the website SaveonCrafts.com It was seriously a god send. They have the best prices and just about everything a DIY bride needs to make her vision a reality. I purchased everything from LED candles to chalkboards from the website. I saved a lot of money doing this. I suggest making all of your purchases at once as shipping is high but it’s still worth it. They offer great quality products and exceptional customer service. I got the linen table runners for under $4 a piece. The LED candles were $6.99 for a 3 pack and they were SO cute! I got a gorgeous wooden chalkboard easel for $34.99 and countless other items for cheap. If I had not found this website I would not have been able to style our wedding for the price I did. I also purchased my own Sola Flowers from the website and made our aisle decor for under $20 bucks!

I was obsessed with Pinterest for nearly a year while planning. I got so caught up in ideas that I had to uninstall the App from my phone. I had a serious problem! When I uninstalled the App I grew obsessed with Etsy, boy am I glad I did. I purchased nearly all of the unique pieces from Etsy. Our invitations were a big deal to me. I knew I could print them myself or make something for cheap but I couldn’t get past the gorgeous stationary available. I could not pay $500 dollars for wedding invitations though. I started looking into seed paper and I was going to buy a downloadable invitation and print it on plantable paper but I found the shop HudsonandSound and I didn’t have to! They offered affordable seed paper invitations and they customized them for our wedding colors. Unfortunetly, I just checked and the invitations aren’t currently available for sale in their Etsy shop! I ended up paying $118 for the wedding invitations and RSVP cards of my dreams. They were worth every penny. I had a hard time finding more websites for the shop but you can find them on Instagram @hudsonandsound. I also had “Thank You” cards made that matched our wedding invitations just not on seed paper. Since most people left them behind it would have been a more expensive way to go for nothing.

Our venue only offered black or white linens so I had to do something. Renting linens is a little ridiculous in my opinion. The price point is just too high. So, I found another way. We purchased all of our own napkins from Linentablecloth.com. I got 4 dozen napkins for $23.76. I couldn’t beat the price. I am now stuck with 46 pink and navy napkins but it added a pop of color to our reception tables for less then half the price of renting.


I had my heart set on a cake table that was Pinterest worthy. You know the ones I am talking about, you probably have a few pined to you future wedding board. I had purchased some marquee letters from Marshalls and some faux succulents from walmart to decorate the table with. I had already made my etsy purcases for the custom cake cutter and hand stamped antique forks but I could not settle on a cake topper. I finally came across the one shortly before the wedding. I was surfing Etsy like I had done many times in the past and found the perfect felt cake topper! Yes, FELT. It went so perfectly with the whole theme of the wedding, I was sold. I splurged a little on this but it was worth it. I found  felt florist by the shop name Goldenafternoonmade and I fell in love. $41.74 for the cake topper of my dreams was a small price to pay. Allisen was a peach. I didn’t know it at the time but she was pregnant and so close to her due date when she fit me into her schedule! I once again got lucky. Our cake “table” was phenomenal. I purchased the cake cutter from the shop  PreppyPinkies for $41.99, it was engraved with our names and wedding date. I purchased the most perfect forks stamped with “Bride” and “Groom” from the shop theloosegoose for $22. The little details like this were so worth it to me. We now have some really awesome keepsakes to pass down to our children one day!


There were a few other items, like our guest “book”, sweetheart table decor and aisle flowers that I purchased here and there when I found good deals. My venue didn’t allow silk flowers for conservation purposes (it is a preserve after all) so the day before the wedding my maid of honor and I went to Costco and picked up a couple dozen pink roses for $15.99 or so. I didn’t want a guest book at the wedding, it just seemed so old school. I ended up getting a matted photo from Hobby Lobby for under $10.00 during a sale and it now hangs gorgeously on our wall instead of in a drawer where a book would be. I also got our sweet heart decor from Hobby Lobby during a half off sale. I got our “Mr” and “Mrs” signs two for the price of one. We also had beer pilsner’s made for us with “Mr”, “Mrs” and our wedding date on them. My amazing and thoughtful cousin had them made for us after seeing me post about them on facebook! We drank beer out of them all night long and it helped the bartender keep the good stuff coming. I would walk up to the bar and she’d have the drink of coice ready based on the glass! It was awesome and added such a fun personalized touch to our night.

The last thing I want to talk about are our favors. I told you this post was going to be long! I REALLY wanted live succulents as favors. I’m sure you have seen them in all of their glory. They’re to die for. If you had real live succulents at your wedding I envy you. Our guests were flying or driving from California so live succulents just didn’t seem realistic. I got so lucky. A family friend who I adore offered to make me paper succulents. She did an AMAZING job and even though the succulents weren’t alive, just like my flowers; they will last forever. It all went so perfectly together. My husband and I collect shot glasses so what better way to display the paper succulents then in shot glasses! I picked up a few dozen clear shot glasses for $2.99 and $3.99 a 6 pack and etched our initials and wedding date on them. Word to the wise, don’t, just don’t. This was the longest project of them all. I etched these damn shot glasses on and off for months; I nearly gave up. I honestly don’t know if anyone noticed they were even etched! But, I got my dream wedding favors for a fraction of the price!

If you are planning a wedding don’t lose sight of the little details. It can be overwhelming and there are a lot of little details to think about but it is so worth it. You’re guests may not appreciate it but when the day has come and gone you won’t have anything but memories and pictures. You want those pictures to be gorgeous. You only get married once (hopefully) so make it a big deal! Bring your relationship alive with details and if you don’t have a wedding planner in the budget, don’t fret. You can pull off a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception with a little time and effort.